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New Zealand agriculture is currently going through a period of transformational change, with environmental reforms shaping what, and how, landowners will produce over the next generation. This will require New Zealand landowners to take into account a new range of considerations as they increasingly incorporate the environmental impact of their operations into their strategic investment decisions. 

As a result, carbon forestry is set to play a significant role in New Zealand’s future primary production systems as landowners look to capitalise on their ability to generate revenue from carbon sequestration

Presentation: Banking on Carbon Forestry

An agricultural bank’s view on the role of carbon farming in future NZ farming systems.

Blake Holgate, Head of Sustainable Business Development, Rabobank
Speaker Profile

As the Head of Sustainable Business Development, Blake ensures businesses are in the best position to capitalise on opportunities while also balancing increasing environmental, societal and market risks.  

Blake is a key contributor to Rabobank’s primary sector advice to the Government, their regular market analysis reports and agribusiness podcasts. Hailing from a sheep and beef farming family, Blake is passionate about sustainable farming and new products and services aimed at making businesses more commercially and environmentally sustainable. 

Carbon Forestry 2021

16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand