About Carbon Forestry 2021

Our popular Carbon Forestry Conference is back for 2021.  Change is afoot with legislation for climate change and emissions trading.  Business leaders need to keep informed of these changes as carbon farming investment opportunities continue to expand. Interest in carbon farming is strong among investors, emitters and a range of landowners.

This informative conference is organised by long-time industry conference partners, Innovatek, in collaboration with Government and investment groups. We are offering pertinent pre-conference and post-conference practical workshops to add further professional development opportunities.

Coinciding with renewed interest in trees for carbon farming the Government has reformed the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). It has done this through the Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Act and related regulations.  Hence it is timely for a korero on the changes which have taken and place and will impact carbon forestry investments and their owners.  In June 2021 our industry-focused conference will update, inform and clarify legislation, trends and the growing scale in this area of land-based investments.

The latest trends by emitters to help them meet their annual requirements under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme have seen huge growth in the establishment of both permanent and production forests.

Well-organised corporate investors with local emissions obligations are acquiring land for carbon planting alongside an upswing in niche international investor attention. Recent rises in carbon prices has coincided with a surge in investment interest to purchase marginal land suited to afforestation to establish forest portfolio.

Across the social spectrum there's a surge in public awareness as carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation become increasingly important to all of us.  The afforestation objectives of proactive emitters plans are closely aligned to key Government objectives. Rising carbon prices mean that these activities have growing potential for providing commercial benefits to the both landowners and investors over the foreseeable period. The resulting establishment of many new carbon forests will deliver both environmental and sustainable development benefits to our regions.