15-16 June 2021 | Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND + LIVE Online

Carbon Forestry 2021 | Livestream

Schedule (NZDT): 8.00am to 5.00pm | Wednesday 16 June 2021

Download links:

Key features about this webstream:

  1. Video: The video below is live and there is no rewind function. Next week you will receive a recording of the speaker presentations.
  2. Q&A: You can participate in the live Q&A sessions at the end of every presentation by using the 'Speaker Q&A' section under the video below.
  3. Under the video, there are also tabs for the updated programme, a FAQs about this streaming and a Networking feature.
  4. The Networking feature enables you to privately connect with any virtual attendee. Just fill out the form, select the person you want to connect with and send the invite.
  5. Live discussions: You can start a topic for discussion or comment on an existing topic using the discussion board below.

Discussion Board - Share your thoughts on the key issues

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