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Presentation: The Risks – What Could Possibly Go Wrong and How To Mitigate Some of the (Less Obvious) Risks

Chris Perley, Consultant and Principal, Thoughtscapes

Forestry investment occurs over decades, and in open contact with multiple environments that cannot be contained or controlled. That environment is out in the uncertain + uncontrollable space, not the often presumed certain + controllable space. 

This is far more a strategic and cultural space than a transactional place for reduction to some or other market product (for instance, by such commodified terms as ‘License to Operate’).

This presentation examines the context of forestry investment, and the implications for strategic planning … and discounted cash flow. Without consideration of wider context, anything and everything could go wrong, and probably will.

Speaker Profile

Chris Perley is a consultant and principal of Thoughtscapes, an affiliated researcher with Otago University’s Centre for Sustainability, an activist on social and environmental issues, a member of Wise Response and a thinker, writer and commentator. His work is focused on realising the potential of landscapes, communities and their economies, and on the deeper philosophies underpinning current and potential future approaches.

He has consulted to companies, corporations, local government, central government, the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organisation, is published in academic and professional journals, and has presented papers at a number of universities and international and national conferences. He was editor of the NZ Journal of Forestry for four years, is a past Vice President of the NZ Institute of Forestry, and was made the youngest fellow of the NZIF in 2009 in his 40s.

Carbon Forestry 2021

16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand