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Presentation: Some Thoughts on the Next Developments in Funding Models for Carbon Forestry

The future direction of carbon forestry in New Zealand and how things may change

Dean Spicer, Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ

This presentation covers global trends and themes in Green & sustainable financing and its application for the forestry sector. What alternative forestry financing instruments are available and their role in mobilising capital? And how can forestry play a part in addressing biodiversity loss and help avert this ongoing crisis?

Speaker Profile

Dean has spent over 25 years in financial markets covering equities fund management and debt capital markets, both in New Zealand, the UK and continental Europe. He has a real passion for impact investments, those environmental and social investments that drive change.

Dean has been active in building the embryonic green bond market in New Zealand, with ANZ one of the leading players in this fast-growing field of sustainable finance in both New Zealand and Australia. In 2019, Dean took a leadership role at ANZ, chairing the institutional sustainability committee to ensure greater coordination across the bank. He was also part of the Aotearoa Circle’s Sustainable Finance working group which is looking at the transformation of the finance system in New Zealand to better support social and environmental outcomes demanded by a broader base of stakeholders beyond the financial goals of shareholders.

“It is an exciting change and one to be embraced, with true transparency in corporate reporting being crucial”, says Dean.

Carbon Forestry 2021

16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand