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The arrival of the forest carbon sector over a decade ago heralded a new era in forest conservation financing. For forest conservation to be carbon financed at scale it needs to be commercially viable without the help of grants. 

The commercial viability of native forest carbon, however, is challenged by high costs and low revenues. A remedy that does not require blunt government intervention in the carbon market is a middle path that combines native and exotic carbon forestry. 

Dr Sean Weaver, the founder and CEO of Ekos, will detail how this emerging trend is poised to take off in the coming decade.

Presentation: Commercial Conservation Carbon Forestry at Scale

The role of conservation carbon forestry and how it can work

Dr Sean Weaver, Founder and CEO, Ekos
Speaker Profile

Sean is the founder and CEO of Ekos – an environmental financing consulting business focusing on indigenous forest carbon projects and zero-carbon certification for organisations and products. 

He is an international expert in indigenous forest carbon, carbon markets and market-based mechanisms for environmental and climate financing. 

Sean consultants NZ and Pacific Island national and regional governments, multilateral banks (World Bank, African Development Bank), international agencies (UNDP, SPREP) businesses on carbon forestry.

Carbon Forestry 2021

16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand