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Matt Walsh, New Zealand Carbon Farming Managing Director, looks at the evolving trends in the carbon market, the longer-term impacts on local markets as international climate action ramps up, and how New Zealand can respond to growing local and international demand for increasingly scarce units.

New Zealand Carbon Farming is currently one of the largest contributors to New Zealand’s climate change efforts. Over the past decade, New Zealand Carbon Farming’s conservation estate has captured more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of taking every car off New Zealand’s roads for a whole year – with one tonne of carbon dioxide currently stored every 13 seconds. 

Presentation: What do carbon buyers want?

Local and international trends in demand for carbon units.

Matt Walsh, Managing Director, New Zealand Carbon Farming
Speaker Profile

Matt has been part of the sector for over a decade. He works closely with a broad range of industries and sectors in designing the organisation’s response to the evolving demand for carbon units. Matt has a background in law and had previously worked with local and international start-ups.

New Zealand Carbon Farming was first established in 2010 and owns and manages the country’s largest privately-owned conservation estate of permanent forests. New Zealand Carbon Farming never harvests its trees. Instead, they are carefully managed to regenerate over time into a 100% indigenous and biodiverse conservation estate

The company is a science-based organisation that follows the key philosophy of planting the right tree in the right place. Over 95% of New Zealand Carbon Farming’s 66.7 million trees are planted on marginal land (grade 6 and above) – often in steep or erosion-prone areas.

Carbon Forestry 2021

16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand