James Shaw Profile Image

James Shaw

Minister of Climate Change, New Zealand Government
New Zealand
James Shaw, New Zealand's Climate Change Minister, sees the shift to a zero-emission future as a remarkable chance to create a sustainable, productive, and inclusive world. Elected in 2014 and Green Party Co-leader since 2015, he led the Green Party into its first term in Government in 2017, securing unanimous support for the Zero Carbon Act. Currently in his second term, James has facilitated the establishment of Aotearoa New Zealand's initial emissions reduction plan.
James Treadwell Profile Image

James Treadwell

President, NZIF
New Zealand
James is a prominent figure in NZ's forestry industry, known for his collaborations with both private and public stakeholders. As President of the NZ Institute of Forestry, he has been instrumental in advancing professional forestry. With a deep understanding of the field and political dynamics, he fearlessly challenges outdated norms to achieve the best outcomes.
Jamie Heather Profile Image

Jamie Heather

Managing Director, Carbon Critical
New Zealand
Jamie, a skilled mathematician and entrepreneur, has a history of success in software companies and product innovation. Now focused on climate change, he founded Carbon Critical in 2020 to develop inventive solutions for capturing or reducing emissions. Jamie is passionate about utilizing trees, particularly redwood, to help Aotearoa NZ achieve its net-zero goals while providing attractive returns for investors and benefiting the planet.
Jo Blundell Profile Image

Jo Blundell

CEO, CarbonCrop
New Zealand
Jo is a global entrepreneur and business leader. With a technology platform aiding forest owners in accessing carbon markets and brands in sharing net-zero stories, this year CarbonCrop has unlocked $25m in carbon revenue for 265 landholders, focusing on 80% native projects. Forestry consultants and advisors can soon access this game-changing technology.
Keith Woodford Profile Image

Keith Woodford

Land Use Consultant,
New Zealand
Keith, Managing Director of AgriFood Systems Ltd and Professor at Lincoln University, has a distinguished career focused on global land use, rural development, and agrifood systems. His recent work revolves around New Zealand's challenge of balancing agriculture, forestry, export income, greenhouse gases, and environmental concerns.
Kelly Forster Profile Image

Kelly Forster

Programme Director, He Waka Eke Noa
New Zealand
Kelly Forster is the Programme Director for He Waka Eke Noa. Since programme establishment she has headed up the small dedicated programme office that provides direction, coordination and support to the programme’s 13 Partners.
Nick Ping Profile Image

Nick Ping

Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Timberland, Manulife Investment Management Timberland & Agriculture
Nick oversees Manulife Investment Management's timberland investment strategies and growth efforts, managing risk exposures related to timberland investments and client products. He serves on the Natural Resource Investment Committee, participating in business development and investment management agreements. With over 22 years in the industry, Nick has been with Manulife Investment Management for 15 years.
Nigel Brunel Profile Image

Nigel Brunel

Head of Commodities, Jarden
New Zealand
Nigel is the founder and leader of Jarden's institutional commodities business in NZ and Australia, with expertise in renewable energy, dairy, and equity futures. His passion lies in carbon trading, advising on compliance and voluntary markets since the inception of NZ's emissions trading scheme. Nigel values integrity, honesty, and hard work, frequently traveling throughout Asia and NZ to educate and advise corporates involved in emissions trading schemes and dairy markets, and providing expert media commentary.
Oliver Hendrickson Profile Image

Oliver Hendrickson

Director, Forestry & Land Management, Ministry for Primary Industries, Te Uru Rākau
New Zealand
Oliver oversees the Emissions Trading Scheme for Forestry, collaborating with stakeholders to enhance environmental and land-use outcomes, especially on highly erodible land through afforestation options. With a decade of experience at the Ministry for Primary Industries, he holds a Master of Laws in biodiversity, water, climate change, and resource management, and has worked on various policy programs including ETS, RMA, and Freshwater.
Pedro Morgan Profile Image

Pedro Morgan

Lead Advisor Overseas Investment, Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
New Zealand
Pedro, a seasoned lawyer, brings two decades of expertise in New Zealand's overseas investment regime. As Toitū Te Whenua Land Information NZ's lead advisor, he counsels the Government on all aspects of this regime. Pedro played a crucial role in executing intricate changes to the Overseas Investment Act from 2018 to 2022 and frequently shares insights through his writings and presentations.
Peter Casey Profile Image

Peter Casey

CEO, New Zealand Carbon Farming
New Zealand
With two decades of experience in Forestry, Transport, Chemicals, Property, and Finance sectors, Peter is a Professional Forester and Chartered Accountant. He has been the Chair of the NZIF Registration Board since 2018 and is committed to providing top-notch forest management advice. NZCF holds the distinction of being the largest owner of planted managed forest in New Zealand.
Scott Pollard Profile Image

Scott Pollard

Head of Business Development, New Zealand Carbon Farming
New Zealand
Scott is the Head of Business Development for New Zealand Carbon Farming (NZCF), a local business actively contributing to the country's climate change initiatives. Over 13 years, NZCF's trees captured 27m tonnes of CO2, akin to removing every car from New Zealand's roads for a year. The company has also paid over $95m to land and forest-owner partners, with Scott's team driving engagement to diversify income, release capital, and create a lasting legacy.
Sean Weaver Profile Image

Sean Weaver

CEO, Ekos
New Zealand
Sean, the founder of Ekos, leads an environmental financing social purpose business that provides carbon management services and nature-based solutions. With expertise in carbon markets and climate financing, he consults for governments (NZ and Pacific Islands), multilateral banks (World Bank, African Development Bank), international agencies (UNDP, SPREP), and various businesses. Sean holds a PhD in Forestry from the University of Canterbury and operates from Christchurch.